Help Make Marijuana Laws

With the recent legalization of marijuana in Michigan, the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (“LARA”) is tasked with promulgating laws and regulations for the industry. As part of that process, LARA is forming a group from the public to assist in determining what standards and laws are proper. LARA seeks volunteers who fall in four main categories, listed below, to be involved in the law-making process. The groups are:

  1. Businesses and individuals already licensed under the previously-passed Medical Marijuana Facilities Licensing Act, and these businesses and individuals are interested in also entering the adult recreation marijuana field. For example, a licensed caregiver under the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act may apply to serve one of these groups.
  2. Municipalities that already have allowed recreational-use facilities to operate in their community or are considering allowing such businesses. Ferndale, for example, is considering what businesses to allow, where to allow them to operate, and so forth. Ferndale may apply to assist LARA in rule implementation
  3. Lawyers who represent marijuana businesses, such as medical marijuana dispensaries, and wish to also represent recreational-use businesses
  4. Individuals or businesses who plan to operate in the recreational use market as a licensee or consumer

If selected to assist LARA, these businesses, municipalities and individuals would make suggestions and be involved in discussions as part of the rule making process for the Michigan Regulation and Taxation of Marijuana Act. David Harns of LARA says ““It’s good to get the perspective of those on the ground.” And “It’s good to cast as wide a net as possible and make sure that everybody in the state is represented when it comes to writing these administrative rules.”

If you wish to participate in these working groups, please visit. For other marijuana business legal questions, please contact Benjamin Long of Schmidt & Long.