Schmidt & Long Adds Marijuana

In November, Michigan voters legalized marijuana use via passage of Proposal One. Recreational marijuana use will be legal starting December 6, 2018. What is permitted and what is not permitted is to be determined byThe Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA). This process is expected to take approximately one year. Medicinal marijuana is already legal in Michigan. The legal side of medicinal marijuana is well-established, while recreational marijuana’s legal rules and regulations are to be determined. Benjamin Long of Schmidt & Long is expanding into the marijuana business, helping businesses navigate the law and operate legally.

Selling and Buying Marijuana

While marijuana is legal to consume at this time, it is not legal to sell it. While the voters legalized marijuana, many cities are opting out of the sale of marijuana. Schmidt & Long will be working with local communities, especially Ferndale, to assist them in proper implementing marijuana businesses, whether they be dispensaries or production facilities. Additionally, the licensing and other rules about marijuana businesses are to be determined, so as LARA establishes rules and regulations, Schmidt & Long will assist businesses in operating properly and legally.


Cities are permitted to determine what marijuana businesses, if any, they will allow. Whether it be a retail dispensary, processor or a cultivator, each business entity will have legal requirements at both the state and local level. Working with local governments, Schmidt & Long hopes to establish clear guidelines and requirements that work in conjunction with the state requirements so that marijuana businesses operate legally and can operate successfully under the state and local frameworks. As these local and state laws are established, Schmidt & Long will be able to help marijuana businesses properly establish themselves and operate legally and successfully in locales that permit marijuana entities.

Medicinal Marijuana and Recreational Marijuana

A licensed caregiver is granted additional marijuana possession abilities above and beyond what a recreational user can possess. If you are a licensed marijuana caregiver, Schmidt & Long can advise you in regard to possession and grow under both the medical and recreational laws. If you are a caregiver with patients, we can explain how many plants and how much usable marijuana you can possess. There are still unanswered questions at the juncture of caregiver provisions and recreational use.

If you are interested in establishing a marijuana business, or operate as a medicinal marijuana caregiver or dispensary, contact please contact Benjamin Long of Schmidt & Long.