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The freelance economy is the next big wave in business. Whether you are an artist, a maker, or a laborer, in today’s market you could easily find yourself taking gigs to make a living. But being your own boss brings with it a host of other concerns. From contracts issues to insurance questions, the Freelancers’ lawyers at Schmidt & Long are here to help.

Schmidt & Long Freelancers' Lawyers

Advising Freelancers Starting Out

When you first start freelancing, people ask you things like “What do you charge” and “Do you take credit cards?” While some questions are obvious, others can seem like they come out of left field. The freelancers’ attorneys at Schmidt & Long are here to advise you as you are starting out. We will help you identify legal pitfalls and create a plan to protect yourself and your new freelance business.

Leveling the Freelance Contract Playing Field

Working as an independent contractor or contract employee has its advantages. You get more control over your life, your work, and your creativity. But it can also make you the little guy at the negotiating table. When it comes time to negotiate contracts, the big companies who hire you can sometimes have a “take it or leave it” approach. And that can leave you defenseless.

But you don’t have to settle for whatever the company gives you. By working with our freelancers’ attorneys, you can level the playing field and strengthen your position. We can help you negotiate fair terms for your work and set reasonable limits on the company’s expectations. We can also tell you when a contract’s red flags say you need to walk away.

Helping Freelancers Work Together

In the freelance market, professionals are often finding new ways to work together and grow their businesses. But if it isn’t done right, a handshake agreement can cause big problems for everyone involved. Before you start work on that next great idea, talk to the freelancers’ attorneys at Schmidt & Long. We can help you draft an operating agreement for your joint venture that will make everything clear from the start and avoid misunderstandings later on.

Metro Detroit Freelancers Network

How often have you been asked “Do you do X?” Whether you are a software developer getting asked about IT work or a jewelry maker being asked for custom beads, there will be some times that you just aren’t the right person for the job. But if that’s happening to you, you can bet it is happening to the IT professional or bead maker, too. And they might be asked for work you can do.

Freelancers do their best work when they connected together. When independent contractors get contacts, gigs, and clients from professionals in related fields, everyone wins. To build these connections, Schmidt & Long has created the Metro Detroit Freelancers Network – a members-only organization designed to help Freelancers develop their business savvy and their web of contacts so they can do more work together. Members also receive legal advice, contract reviews, and business planning sessions from our freelancers’ attorneys, to help you take your business to the next level.

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