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When it is your children who are in trouble, you will do anything to protect them. In school or in court, you know you need a lawyer who is specially trained in representing children and their interests. Not just a criminal lawyer, you need someone who knows the Juvenile Court system and can help you and your child know what to expect.

Child law attorney Lisa J. Schmidt can help. Whether your child is special needs or simply found herself in the wrong place at the wrong time, Schmidt can step in to represent you, your child, and your family in any child law situation.

Schmidt & Long Child Law Attorney

One Lawyer for All Your Child's Legal Problems

The issues facing children today include complicated, and often interconnected legal issues. Whether the problems facing your child start from interactions with the school, police, or Child Protective Services (CPS), you can expect that one will quickly lead to the others. One proceeding can affect the others, and some move very quickly. It is important that you get one lawyer who will stand beside your student in front of administrators, school boards, police, and judges.

Individualized Education Plan (IEP) Meetings

If your child has a disability, developmental delay, or other educational challenge, he is entitled by federal law to an individualized education plan at school. Far too often, busy schools will try to balance their stretched budgets at the expense of special education students, denying them the services they need to overcome their challenges and thrive. Attorney Lisa J. Schmidt can help you advocate for your child’s education. By participating in IEP meetings and negotiating with school staff, Schmidt can help your child receive the services she needs to succeed.

Suspension & Expulsion Hearings

When your child faces trouble at school, things can happen quickly, and may seem out of your control. Many parents do not realize that their students have a right to a hearing before they face a long-term suspension or expulsion. Students may be represented by a parent or attorney and have the right to present evidence against the need for discipline or punishment. But a parent or attorney must request that hearing quickly after the incident. If you wait even a week, it could be too late to preserve your child’s constitutional rights.

Get Child Law Help from Schmidt & Long

If your child needs legal help, come to the lawyers who know how to protect children on all fronts. Deadlines are tight, so contact Schmidt & Long today to schedule a free consultation with you and your child. We will fight to protect your child’s rights and freedom, and help your family get back to life as usual.