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There is no such thing as a “typical” divorce, especially when it’s your family that is falling apart. Whether you are deciding to file or have just been served with papers, divorce changes everything. You need a divorce attorney who will treat your case, and your life, with respect and help you find a resolution that you can live with.

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Flat Fee Uncontested Divorce

Sometimes you just can’t live together anymore. You and your spouse may still get along well enough to be civil, but marriage just isn’t working. In other cases, you and your ex may have separated years ago, but personal or financial concerns kept you from getting a legal divorce. When all that’s left is the paperwork, we can help you finalize everything in court. Divorce attorney Lisa J. Schmidt will prepare all the necessary documents and go with you to court to make sure your estate is handled properly. We offer flat fee uncontested divorce packages, so you know from the start how much your amicable divorce will cost.

High-Conflict Divorce

While some marriages fade out, others explode. High-conflict divorces put a strain on everyone involved – the parties, their children, and the courts. If you and your spouse are at each other’s throats, you need a lawyer that can stand up for you in court. Attorney Lisa J. Schmidt knows how to make the law work for you. With specific training in representing survivors of trauma, domestic violence, and sexual assault, she can put all of the court’s protective tools to work for you.

Custody in Divorce Matters

Whenever a divorce involves children, they take center stage. Issues of legal and physical custody often must be resolved, at least temporarily, before either side will be ready to talk about finances. At Schmidt & Long, we will help you find a realistic and workable solution to your custody dispute. We know what to expect when working with the Friend of the Court, but we also know that cookie-cutter solutions don’t work for everyone. Divorce lawyer Lisa J. Schmidt will meet with you to discuss your desires and needs, and will explain the custody evaluation process, so you know what to expect. She will negotiate on your behalf to make sure any parenting time plan works for you.

Spousal Support & Attorney Fees

If you have been the stay-at-home partner in a long-term marriage, a divorce may seem out of reach. You may feel like you don’t have the money to support yourself on your own, let alone hire a lawyer. Michigan law allows your divorce lawyer to request spousal support (sometimes called alimony) and attorney fees be paid by your husband or wife following the divorce. Most often available in long-term marriages where the spouses have different earning potentials, spousal support can help a dependent spouse get back on his or her feet and start a new life.

Assets & Debts

Ending a marriage is like dissolving a business partnership – each partner is entitled to some of the assets and liable for some of the debts. Divorce Attorney Lisa J. Schmidt will thoroughly investigate your financial situation including:

  • Bank Accounts

  • Home Equity

  • Vehicles

  • Inheritances

  • Retirement accounts and 401(k)s

  • Debts

  • Mortgages

  • Credit Accounts

  • Medical Debt

  • Student Loans

She will lay everything out so you understand what you are entitled to at court. Then she will negotiate to make sure your interests are protected in your home, your assets, and your future.

Get Divorce Help from Schmidt & Long

You don’t have to face divorce alone. Contact Schmidt & Long, PLLC, in Ferndale, Michigan to schedule a free consultation with divorce lawyer Lisa J. Schmidt. She’ll help you understand your rights and find a resolution, so you can move on to the next phase of your life.