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Your home is important to you. Whether you are renting an apartment or hoping to sell your primary residence, real estate issues can raise a lot of questions. When tensions run high over real estate transactions, you need a lawyer who has seen every side of the landlord / tenant relationship and will help you resolve your situation quickly and effectively.

Schmidt & Long Real Estate Attorney

Resolving Landlord / Tenant Disputes

Most problems in apartments, condos, and rental homes come down to a landlord / tenant dispute. Sometimes a tenant falls behind on his rent or damages her property. Other times a landlord refuses to make necessary repairs. When that happens, you need a real estate attorney who will go to bat for you and your interests.

Many landlord / tenant disputes can be resolved with some well-timed advice or careful negotiation. Landlords and tenants may be able to come to an agreement that lets everyone walk away happy. At Schmidt & Long, we can help you negotiate that deal, so you can go on with your life. When negotiations fail, Real Estate Attorney Benjamin Long is ready to take your case to court and get you the relief you need.

Advising Rental Property Owners

Not every landlord owns a high-rise or has thousands of tenants. Often, rental property owners own just a handful of houses, or maybe only one. Becoming a first-time rental property owner means learning a lot about how real estate law works in your town. On top of the Michigan laws, you may need help negotiating local ordinances, zoning, and municipal codes.

Attorney Ben Long is a rental property owner himself. With several properties in and around Ferndale, Michigan, he knows what you’re up against. He will help you plan for your first tenants, write up lease agreements, comply with local rules, and deal with any emergency that may arise.

Writing “For Sale by Owner” Contracts

Not every property sale involves a Realtor and a mortgage. When you list your house “For Sale by Owner” you are taking a lot of the work into your own hands. But Michigan law requires that any real estate transaction meet certain standards. Real estate lawyer Benjamin Long can help you prepare all the necessary documents, from purchase agreements to land contracts. He will help you make sure the state is satisfied so you can sell your home and move on to the next big thing.

Get Real Estate Law Help From Schmidt & Long

When property issues and the law collide, you need a lawyer who will help you sort through the law and protect your interests so that you can live your life. We can help you get there. Contact Schmidt & Long, PLLC, in Ferndale, Michigan to schedule a free consultation with business lawyer Benjamin Long. He’ll help you prepare for the future and resolve any disputes that come up along the way.